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Jamison Wexler

About ME

Jamison Wexler

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Jamison Wexler

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You hired a professional hair stylist, and a make-up artist. You bought a dress that cost more than your first car. And you look stunning! My job is to make sure that when your grandkids look at the photos from your special day, they respond with, “Grandma, you were SMOKIN”.

My style is to record your day as it unfolds, capturing the unscripted moments that make it unique. I won’t stop you during your first dance as you are staring lovingly into each other’s eyes and trying hard not to step on each other’s feet, and ask you to say “cheese” for the camera. But in between those unscripted moments, I like to create beautiful portraits, using the unique little nooks and crannies of the location you have chosen as my backdrop. No cheesy poses under the gazebo here – I look for unusual locations and set you up in romantic scenarios. My goal is to create photos that look like they belong in Vanity Fair, not in your parents wedding album. It’s photojournalism…with a twist of fashion photography.

I currently reside in North Grafton, MA, but keep a gallery for client meetings in Framingham. I am father to the two coolest sons (who keep me constantly on my toes), and the husband of a woman who makes me laugh every day. They are my three favorite people in the whole world.



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The most innovative designers consciously reject the standard option box and cultivate an appetite for thinking wrong.

–Marty Neumeier